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About me

Yannick Kiggen has been adept at Bonsai since the age of 10, and 2 years later he started his journey with lessons from various Bonsai masters, including Kunio Kobayashi (JP), Takeo Kawabe (JP), Hotsumi Terakawa (JP/NL), Mario Komsta ( PL), Bonsai Studio Momiji(BE), Pius Notter, Francois Jeker, ... He has also participated in various exhibitions such as
the Noelanders trophy, the Ginkgo award and the European Bonsai San Show.

In 2011 he founded Yama Bonsai Studio to promote Bonsai, share his knowledge and skills with both beginners and advanced people who are passionate about these beautiful trees.
This is done through courses, workshops, demonstrations, lectures and sales.

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